Mentors for Herding Breeds

The following ODJ members have indicated that they feel qualified to mentor potential judges for the following breeds. An asterisk (*) next to a name indicates that this person is a parent club approved mentor.  See the Members page for contact information.

Border Collie Emily Fish Barnhart*
Australian Shepherd Cheryl Anderson
Kay Reamensnyder*
Rhonda Silveira
Regina Lee Bryant*
Belgian Malinois Richard Lewis
Belgian Sheepdog Tami Worley*
Richard Lewis
Belgian Tervuren Richard Lewis
Bouvier des Flandres Cameron Riegel
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Emily Fish Barnhart*
Dayl Phillip
Marilyn Van Vleit
Kay Reamensnyder
Collies Cheryl Anderson
German Shepherd Dog Kay Reamensnyder*
Christine Cameron
Miniature American Shepherd Cheryl Anderson
Old English Sheepdog Nancy Handgraaf
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Patricia Smith*
Marilyn Van Vleit*
Nancy Handgraaf
Sylvia Nolan*
Pumi Chris Levy*
Shetland Sheepdog David Calderwood*
Cheryl Anderson

AKC requirements for a breed mentor for ringside observations: Parent club approved mentor OR breeder with a minimum of 12 years experience breeding, exhibiting, or judging the breed in conformation.

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