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The members of the Oregon Dog Judges Study Group invite you to join us!  We welcome all permit, approved, and emeritus judges, no matter whether you live near our group or afar.  We meet once a month at the Clackamas Community Club in Clackamas, Oregon.  Each meeting has a seminar on a breed (with dogs) or other pertinent topic, followed by a short business meeting.

Our main activity of the year is putting on seminars in conjunction with the January Rose City Classic.  Each year we provide 3 or 4 days of seminars featuring a specific group.  In 2019 it will be Terriers.  Members who work at the seminars get reduced registration fees.

We also have a monthly newsletter with the meeting minutes, articles, and a list of upcoming local seminars, specialties, and nationals.  Annually we put out an ODJ membership directory that is also mailed to all NW breed and group clubs.  As a result, our ODJ secretary emails out requests from many specialty clubs looking for sweeps judges and all breed clubs looking for NOHS, special attraction group, or permit judges.  There are  lots of opportunities for your growth as a judge!

There are 2 membership classes, Regular and Associate.  Regular membership is for those residing the the ODJ’s area who can attend meetings.  The Associate membership is for those residing outside the ODJ’s area and is a non-voting membership class.  You must have 2 sponsors for membership.  Those sponsors must be regularly approved judges who have been members of ODJ for 2 years or more and who recommend you for membership based on their experience with and knowledge of you.

Please fill out the Membership Application (PDF format), print and sign, and mail to the Membership Chair at the address on the application.

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